What Is a Sports Chiropractor?

Like in most types of medicine your doctors specialize in certain fields of study, from being a general practitioner, to a heart specialist, to an orthopedic surgeon and as it seems the list of specialists is endless. All of these doctors practicing medicine have training at some level that is the same yet their specialty has demanded a more extensive study and training in their particular field of expertise. Such is the same within the field of Chiropractic.

What is a Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP)?

A sports chiropractor has the specific education and training to be licensed as a Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). So what is a Chiropractic Sports Physician? A CCSP specializes in the assessment and treatment of sports related injuries/conditions and sports specific management/training of athletes from on the field to off the field. Check out more info on the certification process of a CCSP. Within the scope of Chiropractic, it is fundamental to our profession to help our patients demonstrate a better quality of health and better quality of performance/function. It is a very natural fit to have Chiropractic, as a profession, work within the sports related community.

In my opinion, it is paramount, based on the knowledge I have been given and the experience we have had with our athletes, that all athletes wanting to be at their peak performance and get that “edge” should seek a qualified Chiropractic Sports Physician. However, if there is no CCSP in your area, any licensed Chiropractor has the skill and education to help you express a proper functioning nervous system, which is the bedrock of expressing human life at its fullest.

Our Approach

At the center of our physical being, we are a Central Nervous System (the Brain and Spinal Cord) and yet we are so much more. How the body and the soul are independent yet inseparable is a mystery only the Creator will know. Our body systems serve the will of the Central Nervous System (CNS) in a beautiful display of order and submission that we the human race would be wise to learn from.

The CNS humbly seeks balance and order within the expression of human life and yet at any time your body does not serve the will of the CNS, we call that dysfunction/pathology. Think about it: when some body system goes rouge and starts doing whatever it wants to do, a lot of doctors call that disease/pathological. It is the CNS that controls and coordinates all functions within the human body. Without a properly functioning nervous system, one can not express his/her full life potential.

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Until next time, remember it’s easier to stay well than to get well!

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