Patient Back Videos:

In an effort to help with our patients’ ability to follow through with at-home care, we are continuing to build our video library. Dr. Bert’s YouTube channel consists of a variety of videos highlighting some of the stretches and strengthening exercises we use in the office. A few of our videos are posted below, but you can find all of our informational videos on our Knoxville Spine and Sport YouTube Channel.

Low Back Stretch – Cat-Camel

Lower Back Stretch – Gentleman’s Stretch

Thoracic Extension With Hook Lying Rotation

There are few stretches that are so effective in stretching the spine in the thoracic area. This is a beautiful stretch to help increase rotation and extension throughout the thoracic spine. For anyone stiff and lacking proper mechanics in the spine, this exercise will help tremendously. A note of warning should be made for those how have osteoporosis or possible poor osseous integrity. For those patients this should not be tried but under therapist direct supervision.