Our Patient Testimonials

I’ve been coaching elite gymnastics for nearly 13 years, and I have athletes training as many as 29 hours every week. The demands any high level activity puts on the body can be difficult to manage, but through consistent help from Dr. Solomon and his team at Knoxville Spine and Sports, we’ve had a much easier time managing the work load. They cater to each individual athlete as needed, and have created a place where everyone, including high level athletes, can get taken care of. My athletes range in age from 6 to 18, and since we’ve started seeking chiropractic care for our athletes we’ve noticed a much more tolerable level of soreness and just overall pain management. The staff at Knoxville Spine and Sports do a phenomenal job treating elite level athletes, and they have developed a culture where they care about the individual and their success. I would recommend them to anyone!

Matt Henry, owner, Gymtek Academy in Knoxville


Dr. Bert cares about people. About ten years ago he saved me from a lot of pain. I had a flight scheduled to San Francisco on a Monday morning, but my rib had displaced, creating a severe stabbing pain in my back. I called him, and without hesitation, he met me at his office at 8PM that Sunday night and adjusted  it back in place.  I was and remain so grateful for that.  I will always go to Dr. Bert for my chiropractic needs.

Chris K.

I visited Dr. Bert after an injury from a race, and I had 3 months before my first 100 mile race. It was not an easy process for me, but Dr. Bert and his whole staff took great care of me. Dr. Bert also helped advise me on my training mileage to help me maintain fitness without doing more damage. Thanks to them, I was able to complete Western States 100 Mile Race with a top 20 finish.

Alondra M.

There is a reason Dr Bert has all 5 star reviews – he is without a doubt the best around. I drive 2+ hours each way to see him. He’s amazing. Quit reading reviews and call and see for yourself!


Dr. Bert and his team always listen to me closely every time I’m in their clinic. They don’t try to force any kind of treatments on me. They do a good job of explaining everything they plan to do for me. And most importantly, I always feel much better when I walk out!

Dan L.

After 10 years of spine pain and muscle spasm Dr. Bert and his staff cared me back to pain free living. Dr. Bert’ s love for The Lord and people, is evident in his care for everyone he’s around. Not only am I thankful for Dr. Bert, but my children are as well. They have gotten their daddy back!

Jeff W.

I had terrible headaches for years until one day I was in tears because of my headache. Dr. Bert was amazing and got me off daily medication for headaches within a month as well as reduced them down to the point where I rarely even have them now!! Dr. Bert, Danielle, Pat & Tyler are excellent and will go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed as well as treat your pain!

Christina O.