Neck Pain Relief from Your Chiropractor in Knoxville

Causes of Neck Pain explained by our Knoxville Chiropractor

Patients who experience neck pain often see a chiropractor for help. Neck pain and shoulder pain can result from a host of circumstances that are broad in scopes, such as traumatic injuries like whiplash, repetitive stress, bad posture, or arthritis. The stress of daily life causes muscles to tighten, creating stiffness and neck pain.

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Spinal stenosis compresses and traps nerves as it narrows the small nerve passageways in the cervical vertebrae; the result is a pain in the neck, and possibly in the arm and shoulder. Degenerative disc disease can result in a bulging or herniated disc in the neck, and cause tingling, numbness and pain.

In all of these cases, nerves can become inflamed, leading to neck pain and spasms. Chiropractic neck adjustments realign and restore normal function in the cervical vertebrae and reduce pain.

Are You Seeking Neck Pain Relief in Knoxville?

Dr. Bert diagnoses his patients using physical exams and other orthopedic and neurological tests. His treatment plan will usually include an adjustment, called cervical manipulation therapy, and may include neck exercises to do at home.

The seven small vertebrae in the cervical spine have a big job: supporting the full weight of your head, which on average weighs 9 to 12 pounds, also the size of an average bowling ball! The cervical spine is very flexible, allowing you to move your head in nearly every direction, but all that flexibility can also mean susceptibility to injury. Dr. Bert often has patients come in and say they didn’t “do anything” to their neck. You don’t have to! Daily repetitive movements, sitting, posture, normal aging, and everyday wear and tear can take a toll on the cervical spine.

During your visit, Dr. Bert will locate the source of your pain and will observe your posture and current neck range of motion, being sure to note any movement that causes pain. He will examine your spine’s alignment and curvature, check your shoulders and surrounding structures, test your reflexes, test your muscle strength, and denote pain patterns.

Contact Our Neck Pain Doctor in Knoxville to Get Neck Pain Relief

In most cases, Dr. Bert will perform a neck realignment called cervical manipulation. It is a very precise procedure applied to the neck, and will greatly improve the mobility of the spine and restore neck function. It also alleviates pressure in the muscles attached to the spine, thus providing increased movement. In short, Knoxville neck pain relief means you will be able to turn and tilt your head much better and without the pain and stiffness you had before the adjustment. Dr. Bert may also develop an extended care program that includes regular manipulation, rehabilitative therapy, and strengthening exercises. Call Knoxville Spine and Sports today at (865) 245-5310, and we will help you with your neck pain.

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