Pre-natal Chiropractic Care in Knoxville

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Hands down, the demographic that can benefit the very most from pre-natal chiropractic care is the soon-to-be moms. Pregnancy is a beautiful symphony of primal, biological events that takes two very, very small cells, puts them together and creates a human being. It is a breathtakingly intricate event that all happens inside of a woman’s body while she continues to go on with her day-to-day life. Nothing stops to allow this process to undergo. She is still expected to go on moving, eating, drinking, thinking, breathing, all the while a human is forming inside of her completely on its own. Amazing!

That last statement isn’t entirely true though when you get right down to it. There are a lot of factors that come in to play with regard to the baby’s health and development in-utero. Whatever happens to Mom, the baby experiences. A rush of adrenaline in a tense moment, the nutrients from the meatloaf that she ate earlier (ask Dr. Matt about his Maternity Meatloaf recipe – not for vegans!), the cortisol being released by a prolonged stressful interaction, all of this plays a role in the baby’s growth and well-being inside of mom. But one of the most important factors in all of this is the physical house that the baby lives in during its 9-months of harmonious cellular exponentiation, Mom’s body. And specifically, her pelvis. 

What is Pre-Natal Chiropractic?

Dr. Matt and his female patient getting adjusted

A foundational principle of prenatal chiropractic is that if a joint is restricted and not functioning the way that it should, the nerves that innervate that joint, similarly, are dysfunctional. These nerves, in turn, communicate an altered signal to the muscle and surrounding tissues that it innervates causing them to, like the others, become dysfunctional. In the maternal pelvis, these tissues are vitally important as they are needed to keep the baby developing normally and in a position that is as low stress as possible to Mom. Therefore, bringing balance to the pelvis and it’s surrounding structures becomes imperative to the health and development of the duo during pregnancy.

Best Chiropractic Technique For Moms

Dr. Matt utilizes the Webster Technique with his moms. This is a time tested and validated approach to maternal care that has become the gold standard within the chiropractic realm. It takes into account the 6 most important structures that pertain to balancing and creating space within the pelvis for the baby to develop. Torsion of the pelvis will cause a squeezing effect on the uterus and will keep the baby from being able to situate itself properly inside of mom. This can cause considerable discomfort for mom and in worst-case scenarios even contribute to malposition of the baby (breech).

Is the Webster Technique Safe?

Dr. matt and female patient

Webster technique is safe for both mom and baby. A special pillow is used that allows Mom to lay on her stomach without any pressure on the abdomen. From there a series of adjustments are made to the pelvis, specifically the sacrum, that involve both the joints as well as specific muscles and ligaments that affect the pelvis, and in turn, the uterus. This is carried out again on her side and her back. The approach is comprehensive, methodical, and unparalleled in its effectiveness.

The job of bringing a baby into the world is one of the most impactful jobs that any creature on earth can take on.  We would be honored to come alongside you to make your pregnancy journey as seamless and beautiful as it deserves to be.

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